Felix Cabrera, the former foreman of Rancho Feeding who pleaded guilty to slaughtering cattle deemed unfit for human consumption, has been sentenced to federal prison.Cabrera will spend three months in prison for his role, which included ordering other employees to remove the “condemned” stamps from cattle carcasses and placing heads of healthy cattle next to carcasses of those animals showing signs of eye cancer, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The investigation into Rancho Feeding’s practices eventually led to an 8.7 million pound beef recall, and the company was shut down. U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer had sentenced the three other people involved in the  case to prison as well. Owner Jesse Amaral received a year in prison, while Frank Singleton, owner of Rancho Veal Corp., was sentenced to three months in prison and three months’ home detention. Eugene Corda, a yardman, was sentenced to six months of home detention.

Source: SFGate.com