Want to take the headache out of your gizzard processing with higher throughput, increased yields, enhanced worker safety and the best operational efficiency?

Look no further than the Gizzard Wizard system from Prime Equipment Group.

Using Prime Equipment Group's GF-1 Gizzard Wizard and the Tectru GM-10,000 by Prime, the system offers a complete, turn-key system for gizzard processing that can increase yields and eliminate peeler rollers, enhancing worker safety.

"The Gizzard Wizard system is simpler, more efficient and safer for workers than any other gizzard processing solution available today" says Prime Equipment Group President Joe Gasbarro. "If you're processing gizzards now, this system will be a significant upgrade. If you're not, the Gizzard Wizard takes all the guesswork out of doing it right from the start."

Gizzards are routed first to the GM-10,000, which removes the gut pack, then butterfly cuts the gizzard and flushes the ingestia.

Cut gizzards then flow to an inspection table--without peeler rollers--where gizzards in need of additional finishing are routed to the GF-1 Gizzard Wizard Gizzard Finisher, which removes excess lining. The system requires only a single grader between the machines and does not require handwork near peeler rollers, enhancing worker safety.

Features and Benefits of the Gizzard Wizard System

Tectru GM-10,000 by Prime:

  • Process 10,000 gizzards per hour
  • High yields
  • Adjustable to multiple gizzard sizes
  • Peeler rollers clean gizzards and align them for cutting before completely removing the gut pack
  • Precise, uniform butterfly cuts of gizzards
  • Efficient cleaning of gizzards through a mechanical system and water jets
  • The highest-yielding gizzard processor in the world

GF-1 Gizzard Wizard:

  • Effectively upgrades gizzards for increased sales potential.
  • Up to 95 percent A-Grade
  • Finishes cut gizzards by effectively removing lining
  • Improves safety by eliminating manual peeler-roller finishing
  • Workers need not put hands near peeler rollers
  • Only a single grader necessary between the GM-10,000 and the Gizzard Wizard
  • Any gizzard needing rework can be sent back through Gizzard Wizard via a back-conveyor
  • Torque limiter disengages peeler rollers in case of a jam

"Simply put, you won't find a better, more efficient, higher-capacity or better-yielding gizzard processing system than this," Gasbarro says. "The Gizzard Wizard System will make you money."

For information on the Gizzard Wizard System from Prime Equipment Group, call (614) 253-8590, visit www.primeequipmentgroup.com or contact your Prime Equipment Group Regional Sales Manager today.