Centrum Valley Farms and Trillium Farms, one of the country’s leading egg producers, has announced that it is transitioning a portion of its barns to cage-free hen housing. In making the announcement, the company said it is aligning its farm operations with evolving customer needs to support changing demands.

“Caring for our hens at all times and producing the safest, highest-quality eggs are our priorities, and we remain fully committed to those objectives. To ensure our farms remain at the forefront of egg production within the context of the changing marketplace, Centrum Valley Farms and Trillium Farms have already begun transitioning a portion of our barns to cage-free hen housing,” said Ross Dean, director of marketing. “As needed to meet demand, and in close collaboration with our customers, we will incorporate additional cage-free production.”

The cage-free housing plans include current cage-free farms, remodels of existing buildings and construction of new barns. Any remodels or new construction will be designed to current cage-free industry standards.

“Regardless of housing used, we continue our unwavering focus on hen health and well-being, under the careful supervision of our veterinary team, and on egg safety, through our rigorous program for quality assurance,” Dean said. “Shaping our farms for the future and maintaining a firm commitment to sustainable business practices makes sense for our families, our business and our future. We look forward to building upon our valued partnerships with our customers.”

Source: Centrum Valley Farms/Trillium Farms