The scientific journal, Nutrition Research, recently published the latest results on WEIGHTAIN— a satiety ingredient manufactured by Ingredion Incorporated. The new research clearly demonstrates that WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient significantly lowered both post-breakfast and post-lunch glycemic and insulin responses relative to the control. While previous research has highlighted the satiety benefit of WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient, this is the first study to demonstrate a glycemic benefit for the ingredient.

The study was also unique in that it showed WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient was clinically effective when incorporated into two different food applications. One part of the study compared glycemic responses in a frozen berry smoothie for breakfast — made with either the control (maltodextrin) or WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient — among healthy men and women. The second part of the study was identical to the smoothie study except subjects consumed cold-pressed bars for breakfast with either the maltodextrin control or WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient.

Both the smoothie and the bar with WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient significantly lowered post-breakfast glycemic and insulin responses relative to the maltodextrin control. Over and above this immediate benefit, the study demonstrated that WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient at breakfast significantly reduced the glycemic response to lunch. This second-meal effect shows that the metabolic benefits of WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient can persist for hours after consumption.

The outcome of this new study provides key insights into how WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient works. The second-meal effect coincides with increased fermentation of WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient in the colon. The study also provides insights into the mechanism of action by showing that WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient promotes glycemic health through positive effects on both glucose and insulin levels.

According to J. Paul Zimmer Ph.D., Director – Global Nutrition R&D at Ingredion Incorporated, this study supports the use of WEIGHTAIN satiety ingredient for broader nutritional benefits. “There are many negative health consequences that result from not maintaining healthy weight and blood sugar levels. Including ingredients such as WEIGHTAIN in food formulations not only help promote a satiety effect, making consumers feel fuller for longer periods, but also help maintain a healthy blood sugar level — which is becoming of vital importance for future food formulations.”

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