Costco and Lincoln Premium Poultry are looking for a new area in Nebraska to build a chicken processing plant after plans for their original site fell through. The Nickerson Village Board voted 5-0 against rezoning a parcel of land, which would have cleared the way for construction of a facility. Costco hopes to still find a location in the Greater Fremont area, reports the Omaha World-Herald.

Jonathan Luz, director of strategic planning and development for Costco, told The World-Herald on Tuesday that “eastern Nebraska is still our top choice.”

The vote in Nickerson came after public outcry against the plant during a public meeting. Costco and Lincoln Premium Poultry, which is connected with Georgia’s Crider Poultry, had not been named at the time of the meeting. Among the concerns stated by residents of the area were pollution, overcrowding and the possibility of illegal immigrants coming to the area.

The companies proposing the plant said it could open in 2018 and employ 1,100 workers. They say it would have an annual economic impact of $1.2 billion.

Source: Omaha World-Herald