Provisur Technologies, Inc., a leader in innovative food processing technologies and systems, will stage the global introduction of its Formax PowerMax4500 slicer at the IFFA trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, May 7-12, 2016 (Hall 8, Stand J68/K68). This advanced slicing technology is the next generation of the market-proven Formax line of slicers and is designed to deliver higher yields and enhanced food safety.

Recent test data gathered under actual in-plant processing conditions reveal the efficient PowerMax4500 consistently produced a two to three percent yield improvement. In addition, its precise product control has lessened machine giveaway to under one-half percent. “Based on product value and volume, the favorable effect on the return on investment can be significant,” said Brian Sandberg, Global Product Manager, Slicing and Autoloading.

The dynamic PowerMax4500 provides the maximum in slicing efficiency to get more usable slices per log. “The butt-end pieces are the smallest I’ve ever seen,” commented Sandberg. The system can be configured with up to four AccuPower® independent product drives to accommodate varied log lengths, shapes, and sizes such as round, square, rectangle, and D-shapes. It adjusts the feed rate of each based on variations in the cross section to maintain the tightest weight control for every portion. Inventive upper and lower in-feed drives stabilize a variety of products like ham, turkey, chicken, and roast beef, and provide excellent control with little or no log bounce as they are delivered to the blade. A wide range of proprietary blade profiles, serration patterns, and coatings optimize slicing performance.

The system boasts a smaller footprint than previous Formax slicers. It is designed to the 10 NAMI (North American Meat Institute) Sanitary Design Principles and uses light curtains to minimize the number of mechanical guards, helping reduce cleaning time. To simplify cleaning, disassembly is virtually tool-less. The upper in-feed conveyor tilts down placing everything in front of the cleaning crew with easy access for thorough and complete wash-down.

The PowerMax4500 represents game-changing performance results that can truly contribute to maximizing return on investment. Without a doubt, it demonstrates that the combined effects of ingenuity and experience can be dramatic.