Crisp Sensation’s successful crumb-coating technology is now available in the US. This game-changer for crumb coated foods guarantees crispiness for hours. The first products in Europe using Crisp Sensation Technology won several retail and consumer awards, and they increased profitability and turnover. Now US manufacturers can use this innovative technology for boosting the performance of their crumb coated foods and snacks.

Crisp Sensation guarantees for a succulent core – and the coating remains crispy for up to 3 hours in regular holding units. The outstanding technical process keeps moisture in the product . This secures an unparalleled crispiness, and, depending on the formulation, even crumb coated snacks with a lower fat content than standard products can be offered – without compromising on taste.

Foods with Crisp Sensation Coating are not only ideal for home-snacking products, but also for restaurants, catering and food service providers. Simple to prepare and remaining crispy for hours without loss of quality, periods of high and low demand can be handled equally easily, reducing both waste and costs. The Crisp Sensation technology is suitable for all kind of crumb-coated products, including meat and fish nuggets, mozzarella sticks, onion rings or other vegetable bites and even sweet variants.

Right after their introduction in Europe, the first products with Crisp Sensation Coating won national and international consumer and retail awards, including “best national introduction” at the SIAL 2016 World Tour Election. In the Netherlands, they even revived the stagnant snack market within months after introduction.

In 2014, Crisp Sensation opened its US office at Willis Tower in Chicago. After setting up the local supply and testing facilities, the company now offers customers a full range of services, from product development and testing to scale-up. US manufacturers who want to develop new products or reformulate their existing range can alternatively use the Crisp Sensation Technologies under license at their own facilities or use the company’s contract manufacturing services.

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