Anritsu expands its XR75 X-Ray Performance line to include the new entry level XR74e Economy X-Ray, in response to increased industry demand for reliable X-Ray technology. The XR74e joins the company’s full line of detection solutions as a competitively priced, economical option for small- to mid-sized businesses. The XR74e will debut at Pack Expo, Nov. 6-9, in Chicago, at Anritsu booth N-6151. Engineered to provide proven technologies that detect metal, wire, stones, bone, rubber and glass fragments, the XR74e helps promote food safety and protect brand integrity. The new machine conserves space, occupying a 55-inch footprint with integrated reject. 

The machine offers a fully integrated solution with proven Anritsu KD7400 series technology in a turnkey package with integrated reject and bin.  Embedded software, touch screen and a solid-state drive, combined with a sealed, non-circulating tube cooling system help create a durable machine designed for years of service.  The XR74e detection solution is available as a standalone or integrated system. Ideal applications include packaged product foods, such as snacks, energy bars or cereal. 

“This new detection system helps bridge the gap between metal detectors and X-ray systems, offering an affordable protection system to mid-sized and smaller firms who still need to maintain high standards for detection,” said Rob Tiernay, director of sales. “Typically we can ship within two weeks. This means small companies can realize enhanced food protection within a short time and ensure product quality and safety.”

XR75 Offers Highest Performance with Lowest Cost of Ownership

As part of its full line of X-ray technology solutions, Anritsu offers its XR75 Performance series, providing reliable and accurate inspection with reduced power consumption by 30 percent.  New XR75 technology increases major component lifetime by 300% and requires no air conditioner.  It features HD imaging for enhanced data analysis, and in addition to hard materials like metal it maximizes detection of soft contaminants too. The XR75 is suitable for high-speed production lines and sanitary processing environments, with unparalleled accuracy and performance, advancing food protection.  XR75 also provides missing product detection, shape detection, virtual weight, count and package check, as standard. 

The full line of Anritsu X-ray technology solutions can detect the smallest contaminants in packaged or processed foods, ranging from small or medium sized cartons and packs to cases, bulk items and slurries. Our Anritsu engineered X-ray solutions allow manufacturers to “see” through multiple layers of packaging materials to increase product safety and fulfill or even go beyond HAACP compliance levels. The system’s accuracy helps minimize false rejects and all Anritsu equipment is designed to handle the speed of high-volume production lines. For more information about the XR74e, XR75 or the entire line of X-ray technology, checkweighers or metal detectors, visit the Anritsu booth N-6151 at Pack Expo. Or learn more at