Patrick Cudahy, the Home of Sweet Apple-Wood Smoked Flavor, is once again delivering innovative and exciting products that families, and a new generation of food enthusiasts, will enjoy. Wisconsin-based Patrick Cudahy is proudly introducing a new, premium addition to its line of delicious smoked meats, All Natural Uncured Black Forest Thick Cut Bacon. 

The bacon is produced through Patrick Cudahy's exclusive smoking process; slowly and naturally smoking the bacon to create a quality and flavor that has been the cornerstone of its success for over a century. Using hardwood chips to deliver a robust smokiness, the All Natural Uncured Black Forest Thick Cut Bacon delivers an aroma certain to make mouths water. The packaging speaks to the new product's consumer target, with a contemporary and stylish label.

The new thick-cut uncured bacon is the first of its kind in traditional grocery stores, as this premium product is all-natural and gluten-free with no added nitrates or nitrites, and has no artificial ingredients. Patrick Cudahy's All Natural Uncured Black Forest Thick Cut Bacon is crafted to meet consumer demand for cleaner, leaner and minimally processed meats without sacrificing the taste of robust, hardwood smoked flavor.

"Patrick Cudahy is always looking for innovative ways to make flavorful products, while carrying on the tradition of quality and value our consumers expect," said Bud Matthews, Patrick Cudahy senior vice president. "There is simply no replicating the look, feel, and texture of uncured, naturally smoked bacon, and we're excited to add this premium Black Forest bacon to our portfolio that we know our consumers will enjoy with their families and friends."

Patrick Cudahy is now offering All Natural Uncured Black Forest Thick Cut Bacon in 20-ounce packages at select grocery stores throughout Wisconsin. The product delivers the delicious and one-of-a-kind taste food enthusiasts have come to count on from Patrick Cudahy's other offerings, such as Sweet Apple-Wood Smoked Bacon and other smoked meats.

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