A former professor at the University of Arizona was ordered to pay back money he stole from a stident-run meat store. According to the Arizona Daily Star, John Marchello, 81, was sentenced to six monthy of probation and restitution of $83,020.89.

Marchello, who had been one of UA’s longest-tenured professors, oversaw operations of the store. The Pima County Attorney’s Office said in August 2016 that Marchello misdirected almost $223,000 from UA meat sales and meat processing, and that he kept a portion for his own benefit.

Officials said he diverted proceeds by using a false invoice scheme that funneled meat-store payments into non-UA checking accounts he controlled. He was originally indicted in 2015 and retired from the University shortly after. The Attorney’s Office is pursuing a related civil lawsuit with his wife, Elaine Marchello, as a co-defendant. She was assistant deal at UA, and the suit alleges that she benefited financially from her husband’s wrongdoing.

Source: Arizona Daily Star