Wayne Farms LLC recently launched an attention-getting rebrand for the popular CRISPY FLIERS bone-in and boneless chicken wings. The retooled brand promises to engage consumers with a new identity, updated packaging, ingredient reformulations, and a product line extension.

CRISPY FLIERS chicken wings brand is now equipped with a fresh new look and catchy tagline, “Savor the flavor. Crave the crispiness.”  It will be packaged in a crisp white master case decorated with a brand new electric blue logo that is sure to attract attention in cash n’ carry and foodservice.  Customers will find two labels affixed to the master case to easily identify the product in any environment. 

An ingredient reformulation for the CRISPY FLIERS lightly breaded mild boneless wings to produce a better breading adherence and a superior savory flavor, all while keeping its unique crunchiness the brand is known for. To round out the offerings, a spicy version of the breaded boneless wing is being introduced for those customers with a need for a traditional spicy chicken chunk.  Both of these new products are fully cooked and fast and easy to execute back of house.

For more information regarding CRISPY FLIERS chicken wings brand visit www.waynefarms.com.

Source: Wayne Farms