Wayne Farms LLC's brand refresh for the popular BUFFALOOS Hot & Spicy chicken product line includes a modernized logo and upgrades to packaging look and function. The updated brand is designed to better communicate the one-of-a kind experience these distinctly spicy chicken wings offer consumers.

The BUFFALOOS Hot & Spicy chicken logo has been given a more streamlined look carrying its traditional red coloration and popular fire flames while tilting it slightly to give off a contemporary edge.  The new packaging incorporates a crisp white case with eye-popping red print displaying the revamped logo and popular tagline, “Bold. Spicy. And maybe a little dangerous.”  The master case is designed to work in both cash n’ carry and foodservice environments. Customers will find two labels affixed to the master case to easily identify the product in any environment. 

This fully cooked, frozen product line consists of small and jumbo bone-in wings and boneless wings with a spicy fryer-friendly glaze that is perfect for those looking for new wing eating adventures.  For more information regarding BUFFALOOS Hot & Spicy Chicken brand visit www.waynefarms.com.

Source: Wayne Farms LLC