New Festo process automation products such as angle seat valves, hygienic ball valves, and control panels are foundational to clean- and sterilization-in place (CIP/SIP) systems and other processes where corrosion resistance and material construction to withstand harsh environments are paramount. Festo features new VZBE ball valves, VZXA angle seat valves, VZQA pinch valves, DFPD quarter-turn actuators, VSNC NAMUR pilot valves, and the SRBC family of open/close sensor boxes. For proportional flow applications, Festo offers the feature-rich, yet cost effective, CMSX digital positioner.  

The company is currently engineering advanced diagnostics into the valves to support Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things functionality for greater flexibility and higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

To streamline the design process, customers, end users, OEMs, and engineering companies simply provide the Festo Customer Solutions group or Festo distributors with the requirements of the process, and Festo will size the automated valves and valve terminals. Festo can provide fully assembled and tested valve terminals and automated valve assemblies for plug-and-play installation or parts ready for assembly all in one box with a unique customer part number. Festo supports customer specific parts everywhere in the world for greater peace of mind for OEMs and end users.

Clean valve terminals and actuators

Festo highlights a broad range of wash down compatible automation products at ProFood Tech. The MPA-C valve manifold uses a redundant sealing system combined with corrosion resistant polymers to offer an IP69k solution. The MPA-C manifold can be mounted on the machine, eliminating the costs of a cabinet and improving the pneumatic performance by eliminating lengthy tubing runs. The MPA-C uses FDA approved materials and NSF-H1 grease, making it an ideal solution in food and beverage processing in wash down environments. 

Festo also features at ProFood Tech corrosion resistant pneumatic actuators such as CRDSNU, which in addition to stainless steel construction offers the option of dry running seals. Dry running seals ensure the cylinder continues to perform even when intensive cleanings wash away internal lubrication.

Clean, energy efficient pneumatic systems

The MS family of air preparation units ensure clean air is used in operations processing foods and beverages. The MS family offers a host of other modular functions, including emergency air evacuation. The new MSE6-E2M intelligent service module for the MS family automatically shuts off the air supply to a machine when in standby mode, thus reducing energy consumption. E2M performs typical monitoring functions, making system pressure and flow information available in real time, which enables faster response to compressed air leaks. E2M is compatible with Ethernet/IP and PROFINET communication protocols. Festo features the OVEM vacuum generator with integrated air savings functionality for more sustainable operations.

“Festo invests heavily in clean, efficient systems for the food and beverage industry,” said Frank Langro, Director of Marketing and Product Management. “The Festo ProFood Tech booth provides an excellent opportunity for OEMs and end users to begin working with Festo application engineers on a quality solution for their food and beverage processes.”

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