Cantrell, a poultry processing equipment, parts and service company, has expanded its Research & Development Department.

Research & Development has moved into a 3,800 square foot space at the company’s headquarters.

“Our Research & Development team, led by Mike Fowler, is working to develop new, cost-effective processing equipment and to continue improving existing products,” Cantrell General Manager Finance/Operations Tony Rice said. “In our industry, it’s important to make investments in research & development.”

As part of the expansion, Cantrell purchased a milling machine, plasma cutter, lathe, band saw and welding station.

“We are always listening to the needs of our customers and the industry to keep improving our current equipment and identify opportunities to develop new equipment,” said Fowler, Research & Development Manager.

Cantrell leads the way in creating and supplying innovative solutions in the poultry industry to customers worldwide. With experienced and dedicated staff, the ultimate goal of Cantrell is to provide the best products, parts, and service available to poultry processors around the globe.  For more information, please contact Cantrell at 800-922-1232, 770-536-3611, or visit the website at