The meat and poultry industry in France is a major contributor to overall European exports each year. The country has the largest bovine herd in Europe, totaling more than 19m head of cattle, is the second largest producer of poultry products, with over 600,000 tons exported every year, and produces some 23m pork pigs per annum, making it Europe’s second largest meat processing sector. The country is renowned for its meat production, and in 2015 exported a range of some 400 different cooked and salted products, prepared meals, preserved meats and delicatessen items – generating some 6.6bn Euros in revenues[1]. Given the global reputation France has to protect, it is not surprising that food safety is taken very seriously in the country. The French Directorate General for Food (DGAL) ensures ‘France’s approach to food safety, regarded as both exemplary and of high quality, is perceived as a major benefit in commercial dealings’, and advances in technology and sanitary science are monitored closely and regulations reviewed accordingly on a regular basis.

In order to demonstrate how its products can help French processors to achieve the highest levels of food safety, at the same time as boosting profitability in an industry renowned for tight margins, Eagle Product Inspection is holding an event dedicated to the meat and poultry industry in France at the Hippodrome de Pornichet from 4-5 October. Visitors will be able to interact directly with a range of advanced x-ray inspection systems, as well as to discuss individual needs and requirements on a one-to-one basis with Eagle’s expert team. Contaminant detection is of course a primary objective, but Eagle’s systems go much further than this – enabling manufacturers to have confidence in areas such as hygienic design, fill level control, the rejection of products that have missing or broken components and, importantly, achieving the lowest total cost of ownership involved with the installation and ongoing efficiency associated with operating an x-ray or inline fat analysis system.

Eagle has been manufacturing x-ray systems for over 20 years, has thousands of successfully installed systems globally and has strong ties to manufacturers of products across a wide range of applications in the meat and poultry sector – from bulk flow and pumped products to packaged and unpackaged items of all descriptions. From slaughterhouse, all the way through to packaging, Eagle is able to advise on the correct formula for production line success by balancing the variables within individual operations. No matter how you slice it, grind it, package it, or transport it, Eagle has the widest range of inline inspection and fat analysis solutions providing the most accurate and reliable results for the meat industry.

Christy Draus, Marketing Manager at Eagle Product Inspection, commented: “France is a very important market for Eagle and we take our commitment to providing the best quality systems and service to its manufacturers very seriously. The event in October is designed to showcase our full range of capabilities in the field of product inspection and inline fat analysis, and how we are able to work in partnership with French companies through our expert in-country partners to enable them to excel in product quality and safety. We are the leading experts in meat and poultry product inspection, and it is the experience gained over the last two decades that enables us to offer systems to our customers in France that achieve the highest levels of efficiency at the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.”

Products on display include:


A multi-application system which provides inline fat measurement and contaminant detection for fresh, chilled, frozen and hot-boned loose bulk, frozen or tempered (“naked”) meat blocks and unwrapped meat conveyed in plastic crates

Pack 400 HC

An energy efficient x-ray inspection system designed for easy and efficient cleaning in the harsh wash-down environments of the packaged meat, poultry and dairy industries, where daily sanitization of equipment is mandatory

H-Series Metal detector

Combining exceptional levels of detection sensitivity with exceptional stability and a robust construction, Eagle’s H-Series metal detector is designed to provide a reliable and consistently high performance, even in the harshest of environments

Delivering superior contaminant detection of metal, bone, stone, glass and dense materials in pumped food applications


Providing 100% inspection for contaminants in rigid containers such as cans, bottles and jars using high performance dual view x-ray technology

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