Dear IP Readers,

I am writing to you today to tell you how excited I am about the new partnership between BNP Media, Independent Processor Magazine and The American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP). 

These are exciting times for our association and industry. Small processors are doing very well in today’s marketplace thanks, to the local movement and the quality of products and service you give your customers. Our membership at AAMP continues to grow, and we want to continue to do all we can to ensure long-term growth and success for the association and its members. 

I feel the partnership with BNP Media and making Independent Processor an AAMP magazine is so important because we want to be the association you can turn to for information and representation on important issues within the industry. IP has long been the voice to the independent processors in our industry and strives to bring important content to its readers that will help them in all areas of running their business. IP at one time was published as a standalone magazine, but recently has been published as an insert into the back of The National Provisioner magazine every other month. As an AAMP magazine it will once again become a standalone magazine. 

IP has always done a great job of highlighting and spotlighting independent processors across the country, the great work they do and the products they supply to their customers. AAMP will help to provide content in some new and exciting sections in the magazine in an effort to increase the amount of quality information provided to you in each publication. 

I believe that branding IP as an AAMP publication will create a greater voice and presence for AAMP in the industry and especially with businesses the size of our core members. Our goal at AAMP is to be a strong voice for independent processors across our industry and country, and my hope is that you will see that in the content of IP and would consider partnering with us as we strive to build a larger voice in both Washington and your local State Houses. AAMP has a growing membership of over 1,300 businesses and would welcome you to be one of them. Over the next few issues of IP you will see some changes begin to take place with the content, and we hope you enjoy it. We are always open to ideas that you may have on content that would be beneficial to you. Feel free to contact me directly at my email address listed below.


Christopher Young Executive Director
Individually Proud, Collectively Strong