October 2017 marked 30 years since MULTIVAC, Inc. became the official US daughter company of MULTIVAC Global. To commemorate this milestone occasion, MULTIVAC, Inc. held a multi-day industry event to celebrate 30 years of packaging excellence.

Nearly 300 customers, affiliated partners and suppliers traveled to the Kansas City, MO headquarters to join in the celebration. The event featured guest speakers, Dr. John Stanton, Professor of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University and Ron Jaworski, former NFL Quarterback, ESPN Analyst and business owner. The event also marked the official launch of MULTIVAC’s new X-line thermoform packaging machine to the US market as well as showcasing a state-of-the-art Innovation Center, and brand new Manufacturing Hall 3.

The all new MULTIVAC X-line offers maximum packaging reliability, a new level of consistent pack quality and unprecedented processing speeds, along with easier and more reliable machine operation. During the demonstration attendees were able to witness the seamlessly digitalized, comprehensive sensor system and networking capabilities with the MULTIVAC Cloud and Smart Services unique to the MULTIVAC X-line.

One highlight of the facility tour was the newly expanded MULTIVAC Innovation Center. Customers toured state-of-the-art private meeting rooms, each equipped with a dedicated packaging machine. MULTIVAC encourages customer utilization of this space for packaging concept testing and sample making to insure a project is on the proper course before any equipment is ever purchased.

Another key stop in the tour was the new Manufacturing Hall 3. This new Hall is 32,000 square feet.  Combined with the original Hall 2, the facility now has 50,000 square feet for Manufacturing of sealing gaskets, die sets, stainless steel fabrication and chamber machines.  It also has MULTIVAC well positioned to meet the demands for future projected growth in US manufacturing.

When speaking of the event, Jim Campbell, President/CEO of MULTIVAC, Inc. explained, “It was a fantastic event that allowed us to share a deep appreciation for our customers who have been instrumental in our success over the past three decades. We were very excited to display our updated facility and new packaging line as these will be key contributors to MULTIVAC achieving the next 30 years of packaging excellence.”

For more information, visit us.multivac.com.