Almost doubling its commitment to clean energy generation, Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS), a leading producer of industrial blades and knives, has added an additional 784 high-efficiency LG solar panels on top of its headquarters building for the betterment of the community and long-term cost savings.

In its first year, the contribution to the power grid from the new addition (or eliminating use from other power generation sources), will provide energy equal to that used by 28 homes. The total yearly generation savings would replace greenhouse gas emissions from 55 cars, while sequestering carbon by the equivalent of 247 acres of the average U.S. forest.

In 2015, Hyde had installed an initial solar array of 850 panels on the roof over its shipping and warehouse buildings to generate electricity to help run its office and plant facilities and equipment. Comprised of panels utilizing “smart reflector” technology, this new installation is located on the southern part of the facility primarily over the company’s manufacturing operations. Greater than half the entire roof area of Hyde’s headquarters is now covered in solar panels.

Hyde estimates in combination with the original 349kW array, this new 310 kW system will now account for about 35% of its electric consumption increasing its solar contribution up from between 15-20% of the company’s energy usage. The company now has a total of 1,634 panels in use.

Approaching a century and a half in business, Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions services a wide variety of markets including food processing, cloth and textile and leather, hose and tube, tire and rubber, plastics processing, paper converting, packaging and abrasives as well as for general industrial applications. Hyde Tools Inc. is the largest manufacturer of industrial machine and hand knives and tools for remodeling, restoration, building trades and do-it-yourselfers in North America.

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