Maple Leaf Farms offers foodservice professionals the chance to make a statement with its new All Natural Duck Meatballs. This fresh take on an old favorite features rich duck breast meat, cheddar cheese and chili pepper spices combined for the perfect bite with a leaner profile.

Containing 45 percent less fat and 30 percent fewer calories than traditional beef or pork meatballs, these value-added Duck Meatballs are a healthier choice that doesn’t compromise on texture and flavor. With less sodium and saturated fat than other meatballs, they are ideal paired with a signature sauce or served in a variety of applications.

Oven roasted for convenience, the Duck Meatballs are an easy heat-and-serve option for chefs and caterers as an appetizer, or as an addition to soups, sandwiches and pasta. The pre-portioned size allows for consistent servings and a cost-effective way to offer an exciting new protein to menus with minimal kitchen effort.

“With their versatility, the duck meatballs are a perfect way for chefs to focus on creativity, while offering a healthier option,” said Maple Leaf Farms Marketing Director Cindy Turk. “The meatballs bring a unique flavor profile to menus with endless possibilities.”

The All Natural Duck Meatballs average .57 ounces and are individually quick frozen in packages of about 70 meatballs – four packages per 10-pound case. They are the latest product in the Maple Leaf Farms “Introducktions” line of duck appetizers, which also includes Quesadillas, Duck Bacon Wontons, Potstickers, Springrolls and Duck Wings.

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