Training dates for people desiring to become certified animal welfare auditors have been set for 2018 by the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO).

PAACO, which is a leading organization for training and certifying animal welfare auditors on farms and at processing facilities, announced its dates for upcoming trainings, which are the first step toward certification. Each training includes intensive classroom curriculum which covers specie-specific welfare topics, combined with hand-on experience at plants and/or farms to prepare auditors for real-life situations. Attendees are thoroughly trained on ethics and protocols of auditing and what is expected as a PAACO Certified Auditor.

PAACO coordinates closely with established experts in veterinary medicine, animal behavior and quality assurance for all species, including cattle, poultry and swine. PAACO is the primary independent organization making sure that animal welfare auditors adhere to the highest standards.

The focus on animal welfare is increasing every year and the need for PAACO certified welfare auditors is growing across multiple species within the industry. Due to the demand, PAACO has increased the number of trainings it offers, plus introduced two new trainings: Beef Feedlot Welfare Auditor and Dairy Welfare Auditor.

The PAACO 2018 training schedule is:

• Canadian Meat Plant Welfare Auditor – March 20-21, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

• Canadian Beef Feedlot Welfare Auditor – March 22-23, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

• Dairy Welfare Auditor – April 10-12, Wisconsin

• Swine Welfare Auditor – April 25-26, Waseca, Minnesota

• Meat Plant Welfare Auditor – May 9-10, Sioux City, Iowa

• Poultry Welfare Auditor – August 7-9, Raleigh, North Carolina

• Swine Welfare Auditor – September, Location to be determined

• Dairy Welfare Auditor – October, California

• Meat Plant Welfare Auditor – October, Nebraska

• Canadian Poultry Welfare Auditor – November 13-15, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Currently, registration is open on the PAACO website,, for the trainings through May 2018. Space is limited for each of these trainings, and is often fully booked, so early registration is important. Trainings, dates and locations may be updated. All of the latest information is available at the PAACO website.

Source: PAACO