Greg Strang of Intralytix, a Maryland-based company specializing in the use of all-natural bacteriophages to target and eliminate specific foodborne pathogens in foods, will discuss the science behind this very effective approach to food safety at the Food Safety Summit on May 9, 2018 at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill.

Strang, Director of Intralytix' Food Safety Division, explained why their technology is so important to the food processing industry. "The most dangerous sources of food borne illnesses are too often found on prepared products like beef, pork, poultry and ready-to-eat meals. Even with an approved cook step, foods often require an additional intervention process to reduce or eliminate the bacteria."

Describing their intervention process, Strang said, "Our all-natural bacteriophages are targeted at specific foodborne pathogens. For example, ListShield targets Listeria monocytogenes, EcoShield - E. coli O157:H7, SalmoFresh - Salmonella spp., and ShigaShield - Shigella spp. A standard application as part of a HACCP plan can consistently provide a 2-log reduction of the targeted pathogen in foods.

Our phage products are considered processing aids - so no labeling is required. They are also certified organic, halal, and kosher, and they do not impact organoleptic qualities of foods such as taste, odor, color or texture."

Strang will be discussing this breakthrough technology at a Solutions Stage Presentation on Wednesday, May 9, at 3:30 PM. Anytime during the Summit, please stop by Booth #113 to learn more about how Intralytix bacteriophages can help improve the quality and safety of your foods.

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