Symrise Flavor searched the kitchens of the world to identify and replicate the rich depths of beef for their Discover Beef line of flavors. Authentic profiles - including marrowbone, boiled, seared, roasted, grilled, pan dripping, braised, pot roast, broiled, and smoke beef flavors -  are now available for the full range of savory applications.

The Discover Beef initiative began with a focus on understanding the worldwide beef market. The Symrise Flavor team conducted an intense overview of consumer expectations of beef tastes to better understand the markets and applications both within the United States and across the globe. Using their proprietary global language, Symscipt, Symrise was able to precisely describe taste differences across all regions. The intensive effort to fully understand the global beef market was supported by the company’s global long-term research, flavor creation and culinary teams.

To support their beef flavor initiative, a cross-functional Symrise team of marketers, culinary applications professionals and Flavorists accessed the U.S. Beef Council and the Symrise Chefs United program which represents culinary input from 30,000 worldwide professional chefs. The study of beef and its applications also included an immersion tour by the Symrise Marketing and Consumer Insights Group who visited diverse ethnic restaurants in New York City that feature beef as a popular item on their daily and specialty menus.

Once Symrise had a firm understanding of the depth and nuances of global beef taste, the Symrise Culinary Team used only the best ingredients and cooking techniques to create Culinary Gold Standards for the Flavorists to creatively interpret into flavor solutions. At the same time, our long-term research and development teams introduced new sulfur chemistry reaction methods and a palette of more authentic starting materials which came together to replicate the desired impact, aroma, fidelity and authenticity – all achieved at a 40% cost-in-use reduction.

Symrise flavorist Anthony Rella said, “We are excited to collaborate with our customers to provide the best beef flavors for multiple applications while also achieving cost savings.” Symrise’s line of Discover Beef flavors is now ready for use in multiple products such as soups, gravy, dressings, and RTE meals.

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