Thrushwood Farms Quality Meats Inc. is announcing a building expansion to accommodate growth in the meat snack and read-to-eat sector of the business. The company is adding 30,000 square feet of production and warehouse space to their current 27,400 square foot facility. The addition will consist of offices, meeting space, production capacity, and warehouse storage. The expansion will provide the needed resources to develop innovative shelf stable meat snacks for their brand and their private label customers.

A previous expansion was completed in 2013 at which time the meat snack category was beginning to see growth. Since that time, Thrushwood Farms has been able to capitalize on their knowledge to develop quality products such as snack sticks, meat bars, ground and formed jerky, and hybrid meat and vegetable-based snacks to expand their footprint throughout the United States and Canada. They work closely with established private label customers, as well as start-up businesses to develop products with specific taste and nutrition in mind.

This physical expansion is the catalyst for a rebranding initiative that will allow Thrushwood Farms to position themselves in the changing digital and retail space. While not only further developing their brand, Thrushwood Farms will be in a better position to assist their current and potential private label customers to improve their existing offerings and to bring new products to market.

Source: Thrushwood Farms