To millions of Americans, the name Organic Valley means great tasting, high-quality dairy products from the nation’s well-loved cooperative of family farms. The launch of Organic Valley Deli Meats marks a move from the label of sister brand Organic Prairie. Organic Valley ready-to-eat meats now mean great-tasting organic sandwich boards, snack trays, and hors d’oeuvres platters anytime.

“Busy, health-conscious families want organic options for a quick lunch or snack,” said Brand Manager Ellie France. “These are Organic Valley’s first branded meat products. And we do it right—delicious offerings with no binders, fillers, carrageenan, or added nitrates or nitrites.”

The change in name from organic meat pioneer Organic Prairie to Organic Valley means greater consumer brand recognition for the deli meat line. Organic Prairie has been producing meats without antibiotics, synthetic hormones or toxic pesticides since 1996. They come from the cooperative’s stable of family farms, which raise their animals humanely and with the utmost care. Simply put, the synergy makes sense.

The organic deli meats market experienced nearly 29 percent sales growth and 34 percent unit growth in the last 12 months. Consumers are looking for premium products with a simple ingredient list. Organic Valley Deli Meats are now in an easy-open BPA-free, recyclable tray with improved peel-ability and bolder flavors from the smokehouse. As a trusted brand with a proven track record, Organic Valley Deli Slices are the consummate choice.

The upgrade builds on a history of success. In 2017, Men’s Health magazine recognized the roast turkey slices as one of the “Best Foods for Men,” and Runner’s World awarded the roast beef slices the distinction of one of the “Best Lunch Foods for Runners.” With this rebrand, the reach and accolades are sure to grow.

Organic Valley sliced deli meats will be available in seven all-organic varieties: uncured ham, smoked turkey, roast turkey, 100 percent grass-fed roast beef, roast chicken, pepperoni, and summer sausage. And like all Organic Valley products, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides and GMOs are never used.

The newly branded Organic Valley Deli Meats have an SRP ranging from $5.99 to $7.99 and are available now.  

Source: Organic Valley