AMCO Proteins announces the launch of their new website, featuring easy navigation, streamlined product search and sample requests at the click of a button. AMCO Proteins has been innovating and manufacturing dairy proteins, functional dairy proteins and hydrolysate ingredients for the food, beverage and nutrition industries for over 60 years. With their team of industry experts, they’re positioned to serve customers from the initial stages of product conceptualization, through formulation and bulk manufacturing.

With the launch of their new website, they make the search for what they offer more accessible. When searching for ingredients visitors will now easily see:

- Applications for the ingredient

- Solutions that the ingredient provides

- Label claims about the product

- Packaging information

Nancy Kraus, Vice President of AMCO Proteins, stated that, “As AMCO Proteins has evolved from being a blender and converter of dairy proteins into an innovative solutions-oriented partner, we wanted to design a website that shows the depth of our scientific knowledge and scope of our capabilities so people can see the value that we can bring to their product(s) and company.”

Moreover, the website will be used as a means of communicating industry trends and scientific information via news and whitepapers. This website opens a new window into their development and innovation labs with their new blog, The Protein Professors, by bringing their industry expertise right to their customers’ fingertips. Each week, their scientists will share their insights and post short pieces of what’s going on in their labs.

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