Jarvis Products Corporation has introduced the new Model USSS-21 pneumatically operated, high-speed penetrating stunner.  Compared to the older Model USSS-1 stunner, which it is replacing, the USSS-21 has these improvements:

  • New shaped stunning rod for 15 -20 % faster bolt speed.
  • Uses 25% less air volume with no performance loss.
  • For operators, a cushion mount on main and auxiliary handles, controls possible injury and offers less fatigue.
  • Ability to rotate redesigned auxiliary handle.
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • Faster pressurization.
  • Two different firing sequences – less chance of activating stunner accidently.
  • More consistent stunning due to improved pressurization.

Also available is the AST-107 Stunner Tester for data logging accurate USSS-21 testing information (firing speed, expected velocity and test pressure).

Jarvis provides free customer service, including equipment installation, service calls, and employee training. 

For more information about Jarvis’ USSS-21 stunner please contact Vincent Volpe:

Tel: 860-347-7271
Fax: 860 347-9905
E-mail: president4@hotmail.com