Jarvis Products Corporation has introduced the new Model USSS-22A pneumatically operated, high-speed non-penetrating stunner, especially designed for better consistent stunning and improved meat quality. There is no captive bolt to penetrate the skull.  It is perfect for Halal stunning procedures.  Compared to the earlier model USSS-2A, which it replaces, it incorporates the added improvements of:

  • 5 to 10% faster bolt speed.
  • Larger stunning rod diameter with less skull damage.
  • More accurate head contact.

Also available is the MSPR-1 Multi-Set Point Pressure Regulator for quickly setting pressure selection, and the AST-112 Stunner Tester for data logging accurate USSS-22A testing information (firing speed, expected velocity and test pressure).

Jarvis provides free customer service, including equipment installation, service calls, and employee training. 

For more information about Jarvis’ USSS-22A stunner, please contact Vincent Volpe: Tel: 860-347-7271; Fax: 860 347-9905; E-mail: president4@hotmail.com; www.jarvisproducts.com