Jarvis_USSS_225Jarvis Products Corporation is introducing the new Model USSS-1/2 pneumatically operated, high speed captive bolt stunner- especially designed for reliable stunning of pork and veal. It is half the size of Jarvis’ Model USSS-1 stunner. Pneumatically operated, there is no air injection into the animal. Dual handles with trigger control makes the USSS-1/2 easy to handle and safe to operate. Weighing slightly over 15 pounds (7 kg), the USSS-1/2 is solidly constructed and designed for easy repair and cleaning. Augmenting the stunner is the AST-105 Air Stunner Tester, ensuring correct tool calibration and bolt velocity after any stunner repair or maintenance procedure.

For more information contact Vincent Volpe at 860-347-7271; fax: 860 347-9905; e-mail: president4@hotmail.com; website: www.jarvisproducts.com.