A leader in the manufacture of inspection and detection equipment, Anritsu Infivis introduces a new X-ray system designed for the food and packaging industries and will be exhibiting at Pack Expo 2018 in Chicago, October 14-17. Anritsu will be at booth E-7912, showcasing their second generation XR75 DualX (Dual Energy) X-ray system and a new upgraded QUICCA3, an overall quality management and control system software. In addition the company will display their full line of X-ray inspection systems, checkweighers and metal detectors.

NEW XR75 DualX X-Ray Inspection System
The second generation XR75 DualX X-ray is equipped with a newly developed dual energy sensor that detects contaminants as small as 0.4mm and significantly improves detection of low-density or soft contaminants, providing virtually zero false rejects. XR75 DualX provides a higher quality image—detecting contaminants, such as bones in poultry, pork or beef and within products with overlapping pieces, e.g., fries, frozen vegetables and chicken nuggets, among other food products.

The technology behind DualX takes QC and HACCP programs well beyond just metal detection in a high-speed production environment by targeting the elimination of other dangerous foreign material. The XR75 DualX X-ray system analyzes two X-ray signals – both high and low energy – for a higher detection rate of low-density items, as well as foreign materials not previously detectable by standard X-ray systems. DualX analyzes material differences between organic and inorganic items to effectively detect soft contaminants, such as stone, glass, rubber, metal, and even poultry bones.

Optimized for low total cost of ownership, the XR75 DualX features Anritsu’s Advanced Long Life (A.L.L.) technology and is energy efficient, reducing overall power consumption. The newly developed X-ray also provides a longer tube and detection life, compared to previous dual energy models—reducing the replacement cost of key component parts.

Standard features include HD imaging, tool-free belt and roller removal, and an auto-learn product setup wizard. In addition, the dual energy system offers all the other detection capabilities of an Anritsu X-ray inspection system, including missing product detection, shape detection, virtual weight, count, and package check, as standard features.

“We are excited to introduce our second generation DualX X-ray technology to the Americas’ market,” said Erik Brainard, President, Anritsu Infivis, Inc. “The advancement of our DualX technology significantly improves detection of dangerous low-density contaminants while providing virtually zero false rejects. This second generation DualX model delivers a superior return on investment because now it’s on the proven energy-efficient XR75 platform. It helps our customers advance their contaminant detection and quality program while improving operational efficiency and reducing overall cost of ownership.”

QUICCA3 Software
A new software version from Anritsu puts the production line in the palm of your hand. Anritsu QUICCA (Quality Improvement by Control, Collection and Analysis) software aids with visualization, production analysis, information sharing, record archiving, and troubleshooting for improved quality and productivity. QUICCA also displays operating ratio, performance and quality indicators, as well as the overall equipment effectiveness. Enhanced efficiency is the key to greater productivity and profit potential, and QUICCA enables the plant chief, quality manager and any other authorized individual to check production from anywhere in the plant.

Brand and Product Protection with Advanced X-Ray Technology
Advanced X-ray detection technology from Anritsu can serve as the first line of defense for brand and product protection. Physical hazards present in food can include metal pieces; needles, wire or hooks; bones; rubber; glass fragments; stones and sand; and even blade chips or staples. Anritsu HD X-rays find these contaminants in myriad production environments. X-ray detection can help save millions in costs from potential product recalls. 

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