The implementation of the construction project to expand Actega DS’s Bremen location began with groundbreaking on September 18.

The specialist for closure and packaging technologies, Actega DS, is investing more than 19 million euros to expand its research and manufacturing site in Bremen. The site’s production and storage space will increase by 8,000 square meters, the manufacturing capacity will grow by 50 percent, and the research and development capacities will triple.

The general contractor for the project is IE Plast, a division of the IE Group, a company which specializes in industrial construction. IE Plast plans and realizes industrial buildings for the plastics industry in which manufacturing processes, building services and architecture are optimally matched and operational planning and building design are closely interlinked. This eliminates downtime, reduces storage periods and cuts operating costs.

“At the start of a project, it is not the building as such that is foremost in our minds,” according to Jens Beck, the IE Plast architect responsible for the Actega DS expansion, “but instead factors such as the manufacturing process, the flow of goods and personnel, hygiene and clean room requirements, and potential for expansion. Thus, our customer gets unified operational planning and building design, regardless of whether for a new building or expansion of an existing facility.”

“We are making extensive investments to extend our production, storage, research, and development capacities in order expand our site as an innovation center,” says Wilfried Lassek, CEO of Actega DS. “As a result, we are pushing ahead the introduction of new, patented technologies in order to continue to develop sophisticated and application-oriented solutions for closures and packaging for the food and beverage industry. In addition, we are enhancing our offer of materials and technologies for products in the medical technology and consumer good sectors. At the same time, this measure underscores the importance of the Bremen site for our company.”

On the one hand, this investment project is driven by the objective of making the location fit for the future and further strengthening the company’s capacity for innovation. On the other hand, the necessity of site expansion is due to the huge success and future prospects of new products and lines of business such as PROVALIN, the first PVC- and phthalate-free sealant for metal vacuum lids, the PVC-/ PVDC-free sealant solution VinTellox for wine, sparkling wine and champagne closures or PROVAMED® and SOFTEST, the portfolio for the MPC sector.

Actega DS is a long-established Bremen enterprise. Founded in 1920 as Diersch & Schröder, the company manufactures and markets innovative materials for closure and packaging technologies, as well as for the medical, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industry. For more than 20 years, Actega DS has belonged to the Altana Group and thus to a global corporate group.

As a member of the Actega division, the company has a global structure enabling it to use synergies across technologies. Some 150 employees work continuously on introducing new, patented technologies. Today, more than 150 tons of high-tech plastic granulates are manufactured daily at state-of-the-art production plants and exported to over 100 countries.

The IE Group plans, designs and realizes industrial buildings. The aim is maximum production efficiency for customers – with the help of industrial buildings that are perfectly matched to the respective manufacturing processes. Ultimately, this results in long-lasting industrial buildings that are process-optimized, low in emissions, and flexible in use. The IE Group works in manageable and therefore efficient teams of industry experts. IE Graphic, IE Food, IE Life Science, IE Plast and IE Technology are embedded in the IE Group, which has been in the market since 1966 and offers the financial backing necessary to tackle even major construction projects.

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