Free up your labor with proven ground meat automation from a trusted processing partner.  Handtmann automation narrows your min/max weight specifications and check weighing ensures no underweights.  It also virtually eliminates rework by optimizing the implementation of your process with real-time monitoring and data-driven re-calibration with continuous adjustments to meet your parameters. 

Automated Tray or Roll Stock Loading

  • Hygienic filler design eliminates microbial traps    
  • Reliable portion accuracy with speeds up to 200 ppm  
  • Integrated servo-controlled product handling  
  • Independent grinder drive for easy speed changes to control product appearance  
  • Defined cutting sets with tighter tolerances wear longer
  • Automatic bone removal for more consistent product

Features & Benefits

  • Robust Technology
  • Less Give-away
  • Dependable Partner
  • Continuous Production
  • Simplified Loading

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