BioLogiQ Inc., a bioplastic resin manufacturing company specializing in environmentally friendly plastic products made from renewable resources, announced today that it has appointed Inabata & Co Ltd. Japan as Strategic Partner. Inabata will focus on sales, film production, and polymer compounding while also acting as Japanese importer and distributor for BioLogiQ's portfolio of NuPlastiQ BioPolymers.

For reference, BioLogiQ uses a proprietary process to produce NuPlastiQ GP BioPolymers (GP) from natural, renewable resources − plants. GP resins contain 100% USDA Certified Biobased Content, and are ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 certified for compostability. When NuPlastiQ GP is combined with traditional resins, the resulting plastics reduce fossil fuel-based plastic usage and greenhouse gas generation. Many typical packaging resins can become stronger and more durable. Specific products also maintain the recyclability or compostability of other polymers, and can enhance marine biodegradability.

Rod Davies, Vice President of Asia Business Development for BioLogiQ stated that, "Inabata has a long history of innovating to produce high quality, cost-effective solutions for the packaging industry. We are honored to have them add our high performance, environmentally efficient, NuPlastiQ resins to their portfolio."

Motoi Egawa, Deputy Manager of Tokyo Sales Section, Film & Performance Materials Department added that, "BioLogiQ's NuPlastiQ BioPolymers are a perfect match for our desire to help our customers develop products that are both more functionally effective and environmentally efficient. We are excited to work with BioLogiQ to bring these products to customers throughout Japan and Asia."

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