Dynamic Systems Inc. is a leading provider of real-time, plant floor data collection systems for Meat Processors.  Valley Oaks Steak Company chose The SIMBA System to collect real-time production, traceability, inventory, and shipping information that uses touch computers and barcoding.  The result is a powerful system that will increase productivity, lower costs and improve revenues.

About Valley Oaks Steak Company - Valley Oaks Steak Company sells locally grown grass-fed beef in the Kansas City area.  Valley Oaks’ Angus cattle carry some of the top pedigrees in the country, resulting in top-quality beef. Valley Oaks Steak Company is now able to report the date and time a cut of beef was butchered and packed, proving the freshness of their beef as well as confirming the origin.

The company began using SIMBA for finished goods inventory and labeling, and recently decided to expand into all areas of the process.  They have added a SIMBA workstation to inventory and label sides of beef after they are butchered, and SIMBA tablets to record the grade of the beef after the sides are moved to the cooler.

SIMBA Speeds Up Audits - The SIMBA System resides on the production floor and automates data collection as meat is butchered, processed and packed.  The solution uses fast, accurate barcode technology to record details such as product attributes, pack dates, inventory locations and shipping details.  Because the software keeps track of specific cartons, finding information for a USDA audit is easy.  SIMBA’s traceability reports can expand to show all finished goods cartons that came from a specific side of beef; or conversely can track one carton back to its origin.

See a Video of how Valley Oaks Steak Company uses SIMBA here: http://www.dynamic-systemsinc.com/software/meat/