Superior Farms, the leading purveyor of farm-to-table American lamb, announced it has exported the first shipment of American lamb to Japan since the country’s doors reopened after a 15 year absence. Superior Farms is working closely with its producer partners to deliver an exceptional product that will exceed the expectations of the Japanese consumer. The Japanese distributor, Farmland Trading will be working with Superior Farms to introduce premium Superior Farms American lamb to high-end restaurants and retail outlets.

“We have continued our relationship with Farmland Trading for fifteen years anticipating this day,” said Rick Stott, chief executive officer at Superior Farms. “This shipment represents a first step in a long-term strategic plan to grow the presence and appetite for American lamb in Japan. The potential to develop Japan into an excellent export country for American lamb is clearly there, but it will take time, investment and a long-term strategy to make that happen.”

Superior Farms is working closely with their family farmer partners to raise grain-fed lambs that are raised and hand selected at just the right time to deliver a rich, mild flavor with the size and yield that only Superior Farms American Lamb can deliver. While the Japanese market has been served by other countries, Superior Farms American Lamb brings a unique dining experience to Japan both inside and outside the home, with recipe versatility and unparalleled taste and quality that cannot be matched.

The company’s 412 employee owners are excited about the opportunity for Japanese consumers to experience the pleasure of the product that they so proudly bring to market. “We’ve always known that Superior Farms brings something special to people’s lives,” said Shaylynn Beam, sales and marketing coordinator. “It’s great to think of others who haven’t experienced us and will now get to enjoy American lamb.”

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Source: Superior Farms