In response to growing demand for high performance contaminant inspection equipment from increasingly diverse global food industry applications, Loma Systems ( has added a Pipeline model to its expanding range of X5 X-ray equipment. The advanced new unit has been developed to ensure on-going consumer safety and brand protection, as well as further strengthen operating efficiencies and quality control processes. 

With the risk of contaminants from incoming raw ingredients at its highest, Loma’s X5 Pipeline system is ideal for the inspection of pumped products, such as processed meat, poultry, sauces, jams and slurries, at any stage prior to final processing and packaging.

By removing foreign bodies early in the process, Loma’s X5 Pipeline further reduces product waste and helps eliminate downtime as a result of contaminants damaging expensive production equipment further down the line.

Like all Loma X5 X-ray inspection systems, the new X5 Pipeline adheres to the company’s ‘Designed to Survive’ ethos whilst delivering maximum uptime at a low lifetime cost of ownership.

Loma’s X5 Pipeline offers reliable and accurate detection of a wide range of foreign body contaminants, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stone, ceramic, glass, bone and dense plastics, regardless of their shape, size or location within the product.

The X5 Pipeline can be used with 2.5” or 3” pipes and ARU (2.5”) and ARL (2.5 or 3”) reject options. The removable pipe cassette provides a simple option when changing between different sizes.

Pumped products can be messy but the easy to clean, low maintenance X5 Pipeline is IP69K rated making it ideal for harsh, high pressure wash-down environments.

Offering a compact footprint, the X5 Pipeline requires a 400mm pipe length, without reject of S-bends, and can be easily integrated with a wide range of vacuum filling machines.

The X5 Pipeline incorporates Loma’s Adaptive Array Technology (AAT) which tailors resolution, depth and scaling to give unrivalled inspection performance. It also eliminates the need to specify diode array pixel size as the system will adjust to give ultimate detection performance for each product.

Built for 24/7 operation, Loma’s X5 Pipeline offers automated set-up, remote diagnostics and features an easy to use intuitive full colour touchscreen with multiple language options. It has been migrated to Windows embedded standard operating system and includes a high speed USB sensor and simple Ethernet connection for easy reporting.

As with all Loma’s products, customers benefit from a high level of before and after sales service and receive a tailor-made solution to their X-ray inspection requirements.