BioSafe Systems understands the importance of food safety and want to make it simpler for poultry processors to manage production without disruption. We have started doing this by making our spray bars “smart.” This new system is ideal for use with our SaniDate line of products to measure the amount of sanitizing product being applied through the spray bar – in real time.

The Smart Spray Bar System measures the amount of SaniDate being applied in parts per million, as well the volume of water flowing through the spray bar system. Collected data helps maintain compliance with all requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act and providing necessary documentation when associated with kill-step interventions.

This groundbreaking system can be controlled wirelessly through our BioSafe Systems cloud-based reporting system. The Smart Spray Bar can send you text alerts but also gives you access to real-time data. If you have cell service, you have remote access to your system from anywhere.

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