Phytobiotics North America LLC, announces the launch of Chicken DeLyte, a natural daily nutritional supplement for all types of poultry. This new dietary product is specifically formulated to be administered through the water to fill the critical nutritional gaps backyard poultry can often experience, especially during times of stress.

According to Bruce King, managing partner of Phytobiotics North America, backyard and small-flock chicken owners typically don’t consider water-delivered nutrition in the overall care of their chickens. “The drinking water is an easy, convenient and effective way to quickly provide additional nutrients to chickens on a daily basis. This is critically important during times of stress or peak laying,” King said. “We see this as an important nutritional gap not currently being filled by other companies in the market.”

Chicken DeLyte supports normal digestion and nutrient absorption, and provides a balanced, more readily available antibiotic-free source of nutrients. The proprietary formula includes a natural Macleaya cordata extract, electrolytes, vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics and other nutritional components that support the health, wellness and immunity of poultry.

For daily nutritional maintenance, Chicken DeLyte can be administered at one scoop per every two gallons of fresh water provided daily to all animals. Chicken DeLyte should be administered at one scoop per gallon of fresh drinking water provided daily during periods of high stress. These could include molting, peak laying, diet changes, transport, severe weather conditions and other situations.
King added that he saw the need for Chicken DeLyte when he talked with backyard chicken producers and realized that Phytobiotics had the ability to formulate and market a holistic, naturally-derived solution to more simply and effectively support chicken nutrition and health.

“Chicken DeLyte is the newest innovation in poultry nutrition research. It appeals to a wide variety of backyard poultry enthusiasts and small-production farmers looking to solve nutritional problems in their flocks. We know these producers want to ensure their birds are as healthy and productive as possible, and this is comparable to supplements for people,” King said.

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