It has long been one of MULTIVAC's highest priorities to develop packs, which provide maximum product protection with the minimum use of resources. At IFFA the packaging specialist will be presenting concepts for producing packs, which meet the current market demand for recyclability.

Due to the legal framework and changing consumer habits, the demand for recyclable packaging will increase significantly in the coming years. To meet these demands, MULTIVAC offers a wide range of packaging concepts, which start with the use of mono films and extend right up to paper fiber-based materials. The range includes solutions, which can be run on thermoforming packaging machines as well as traysealers.

There are various packaging solutions available with MULTIVAC PaperBoard for producing MAP and vacuum skin packs from paper fiber-based materials. In conjunction with leading manufacturers, MULTIVAC has developed suitable packaging materials, which can be run on standard machines. By using different functional layers, it is possible to produce packs from paper fiber-based materials, which also meet the barrier requirements of the most sensitive products. The packs can be designed in such a way, that the end user is able to separate the cardboard backing from the plastic barrier layer and then put it into the paper recycling.

When running PaperBoard as with other materials, the thermoforming packaging machine or traysealer can be individually customized to the particular products and output requirements of the customer, and the machine can also be combined with modules for product infeed and pack discharge as well as for labelling or marking of the packs.

Formable paper and cardboard composites are available from the roll in different grammage weights for running on thermoforming packaging machines. This means that not only flat packs but also packs with deeper cavities can be produced, so that products with different heights and shapes can be packed. The PaperBoard range also includes board trays and pre-cut card sheets for running on traysealers.

MultiFresh PaperBoard
At IFFA MULTIVAC will be presenting two different concepts for producing MultiFresh vacuum skin packs using paper fibre-based materials.

Flat vacuum skin packs will be produced on the R 105 MF thermoforming packaging machine from reel-fed cardboard composites. Thanks to the fully automatic process and the material being supplied on the roll, this solution offers an attractive pack cost and a high level of efficiency.

The automatic T 800 traysealer line will feature vacuum skin packs being produced from pre-cut card sheets. The line is equipped with a L 310 conveyor belt labeler, which applies a full-wrap label to the packs.

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