Hydrosol, a leading international supplier of stabilising and texturing systems, is focusing on “free from” solutions at this year’s Food Ingredients Europe (booth 6D90). These include new concepts for melted cheese preparations and for plant-based alternatives to dairy, deli and meat products. Declaration-friendly preservatives for meat products is another category the company is addressing.

Processed cheese preparations without added phosphates
Whether spreadable or in slices, processed cheese is an established product worldwide. But the phosphates in the melting salts are under fire for causing health problems, first and foremost osteoporosis, but also a heightened risk of heart attack and stroke in certain groups. Hydrosol has therefore developed formulations that don’t need added phosphates. They are ideal for stabilising the cheese-melt preparations that are so popular with families. These “free from” products offer characteristics similar to standard products – they can be offered as spreadable cheese, in triangular packages or eaten as slices on burgers or toast.

Clean label solutions for plant-based products
Plant-based alternatives to dairy and meat products are especially strong growth drivers in the food market. But vegetarian at any price is no longer the sole priority. More and more consumers also want to see a short ingredients list with the fewest possible E-numbers. At FI Europe Hydrosol is presenting new solutions for plant-based products. Inspirations in the dairy and deli categories offer vegan alternatives to sour cream, dessert, mayonnaise and a burger condiment. All four products are all-vegetable and clean label, and exemplify the comprehensive expertise that Hydrosol has built up in the past years in the area of plant proteins. Based on this deep knowledge, Hydrosol has been able in many other systems to replace E-numbered additives with declaration-friendly ingredients.

Hydrosol also helps keep E-numbers out of vegetarian alternatives to meat and sausage. The HydroTOP VEGAN SF series is a good example of this. This allergen- and soy-free system based on potato and pea protein lets customers make a wide range of products, from cold cuts and salami to bacon. Hydrosol has improved the system so that per application there is only one E-number. Products for eating hot only have at most two declarable additives.

Vegan burger patties are another category Hydrosol works in, with the all-in compound HydroTOP VEGAN Patty PP. Based on fava bean and pea protein, it is free of soy, wheat and other allergens. With its sunflower-based texturate, it enables users to make vegan burger patties with just one E-number. The resulting patties are amazingly similar to meat products in flavour, texture and mouthfeel. Fair visitors can taste them for themselves at the ProVeg International cooking show on Tuesday, 3 December at 12:00.

Declaration-friendly preservation of meat products
Declarable preservatives are often used as preservatives for meat products. A new preservative in the Hydrolon range is based on dry vinegar as a functional ingredient, making it declaration-friendlier than the acetate and lactate often used. The raw materials in the mix are perfectly balanced to prevent bacterial growth and keep the colour of meat products stable. There is no negative sensory effect on the end product, making this preservative ideal as a brine and tumbler additive and as a cutter aid.

For more information visit www.hydrosol.de.