Multi-Conveyor recently built a stainless steel, sanitary flighted incline conveyor to elevate inconsistently sized cuts of a raw food product on a homogeneous urethane belt.

Also known as a Z-shaped incline, these conveyors are used when unpackaged, loose or bulk product needs to be inclined in a small footprint and/or cleanability is a concern. These conveyors replace traditional bucket elevators and offer improved sanitation, lower maintenance and additional flexibility.

Urethane Volta belting has 3” tall flights on 6.25” centers, and 4” tall corrugated sidewalls to consistently control product through both the 65 degree nose-up and 65 degree nose over.

A take-up is located on each end of the system allowing the belt to move in a seamless continual motion. V-guided hold-down rollers can be moved into or out-of position for cleaning or maintenance. 

The video then uses even more demo product, in an assortment of sizes and shapes, to show that the flighted incline is consistent, no matter how the raw product varies.

All of our elevators and lowering devices are application driven designs, and our experience across markets means you will observe a seamless construction, installation and start-up. Typical applications include scale or grinder infeeds and level-to-level transport. 

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