Multi-Conveyor recently built a series of mild-steel constructed conveyors to incline, vibrate, settle and transport large bags of dry food product - diverted to either a case packer or a hand pack station as required. 

Vibrating conveyor technology was used to help settle product that may have shifted during the initial 20" incline. The video of this system shows how we stopped the line so you can see the actual vibration process. Note: Products used in this video are for demonstration purposes only.

Product settling is commonly used to shift product for even distribution within the designated bag or packaging container for optimum case packing or pallet stacking.

A simple manual divert gate uses beaded rollers to assist in a smooth product transition as the operator redirects the flow between conveyor lines. The video also demonstrates how easy it is to move the divert in or out position as required.

Micropitch transfers were used at the original conveyor infeed and between conveyor chain transitions for uninterrupted product flow. A slave-driven acceleration section was installed at the discharge end to ensure that the products transfer smoothly to the hand pack conveyor.

System Plast Rubber Top Thermoplastic Chains by Regal-Beloit were used in the upstream incline. Rubber friction inserts are molded directly into the chain in 6" intervals to slightly grip product for stabilization on the secondary incline.

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