The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) has announced its new social media accounts. In addition to the current Twitter account (@FlexPackOrg), FPA is now on Facebook (Perfect Packaging), LinkedIn (Flexible Packaging Association), and Instagram (theperfectpackaging).

FPA is committed to connecting, advancing, and leading the flexible packaging industry and the new social media accounts will keep followers up to date on advances in innovation and the benefits and advantages of flexible packaging. The social media accounts will help FPA engage directly with organizations outside of the membership, such as retailers, brand owners, consumers, and the media.

The social media accounts will also keep FPA members informed of upcoming events such as the Fall Executive Conference, the Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition, and the Annual Meeting. They will also be used to announce the release of new research reports, e-books, and brochures.

Connect with us on our social media accounts:

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