Swedish food tech company, Micvac, has revolutionized the ready-meal market. Key to the freshness and quality of Micvac meals are in-pack cooking and pasteurization as well as Micvac’s patented packaging components: the Micvac tray and the unique Micvac valve. This innovative system for the sustainable production of fresh chilled ready meals is currently utilized in almost 15 countries around the world. In 2018 the Micvac system received the prestigious SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award for sustainability. In the last few years the company has formed a successful partnership with Miratorg, Russia’s leading producer of meat and the country’s number one producer of high quality, meat-based ready meals.

Miratorg - a Russian success story
As a producer and supplier of meat, Miratorg outstrips its Russian competitors in pork production by more than double – with a total of 400,000 tons of pork per year. Additionally, the company holds first place in Russia for beef production, with a figure of 80,000 tons in 2017. The company invests in cutting-edge technology, highly qualified staff, and firmly upholds international environmental standards. Miratorg also produces chilled ready meals using its own excellent meat products. Miratorg identified Micvac as the perfect partner for chilled ready meal processing and packaging as they were looking for a truly innovative solution. With the Micvac system they saw the chance to implement an efficient and sustainable production process which would guarantee the freshness and tastiness of their ingredients on a large scale.

“We are very excited that Micvac is partnering with Miratorg to offer tasty chilled ready meals to the Russian market,” says Sandra Krisberga-Sinigoi, Micvac representative in Russia and Baltics. “Miratorg is market leader in high-quality meat production in Russia. The collaboration between our two companies allows them to focus on creating delicious meat-based meals in the knowledge that our innovative processing and packaging system will deliver this taste sensation to the consumer.”

High-quality meals lead to successful launch
Using the Micvac system Miratorg has successfully launched a series of fresh chilled ready meals in the Moscow region. The meals are on offer in shops and supermarkets that cater to office workers looking for a healthy, tasty alternative to their usual business lunch, or an easy, delicious evening meal after work. Miratorg’s professional kitchen and team of chefs develop recipes and meals using only the best ingredients. Micvac’s innovative ready-meal production and packaging system ensures that freshness and taste remain consistently excellent from production to supermarket shelf to the consumer’s table.

Delicious food events and unique packaging
In order to introduce consumers to the new line of Miratorg products, the company is currently holding a series of tasting and sampling events in shops and supermarkets. Consumers can taste the freshness and quality of the meals for themselves. The reaction has been so positive that, within the tasting periods, the sales in these supermarkets have tripled. With the current success of their new convenience meals Miratorg sees an option to plan distribution beyond the Moscow region in other large cities, such as St Petersburg, in the European part of Russia in the future once the products are firmly established in Moscow. 

In Miratorg stores the Miratorg fresh ready meals are easily found as they are accompanied by promotion materials such as posters and signs indicating freshness and in-pack cooking. The slogan “Na poru” – “Made in steam” has been developed to emphasize the healthiness of the meals and the original texture of the ingredients, that is maintained during the cooking process. The packaging design is modern and clean, achieving high recognition and emphasizing the no-additives and clean food aspect. It also features an information on the innovative Micvac valve that whistles when the food is ready.

Miratorg and Micvac - modern, tasty food innovation
In order to produce the quantities required for such a big market Miratorg opted for a larger Micvac microwave tunnel. Various recipes were developed by Miratorg’s specialists highlighting the company’s philosophy of additive-free, natural and balanced nutrition as well as offering modern versions of Russian favorites. Top selling meals are meat and vegetable stew, and wild rice with beef. Recently, Miratorg has also successfully launched a sausage and cabbage option, and stew with chicken heart. For those consumers who like to mix and match, Miratorg started selling 330g oval trays and recently they have launched meals in 400g 2-compartment trays and smaller meals in a 200g portion. Miratorg’s recipe portfolio is constantly updated and expanded and will soon include 20 choices.

As Michael Bogdanski, CEO Micvac AB, adds, “At Micvac we are proud that our system guarantees the freshness of all ingredients as well as highlighting their delicious flavors. And I would like to add that we are really happy to work with such an innovative and professional partner who has made the best out of our technology.”