As meat and poultry processors navigate an ever-evolving and often-complex regulatory environment, they can use the latest inspection tools and technologies to help deliver safe food products and assist their efforts to stay compliant with a growing variety of standards.

One of those stringent food safety standards is HACCP, a building block of safety efforts in the meat and poultry industry for more than 20 years. HACCP is integrated with several other national and global food safety programs and regulations, including ISO 22000, Safe Quality Food (SQF) and, in the U.S., the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

“Many principles of HACCP, including the identification of critical control points and the establishment of monitoring procedures, corrective actions and documentation procedures, can be checked off a processor’s list with the use of advanced x-ray systems,” says Travis Vaughn, Lead Trainer and Radiation Safety Officer for Eagle Product Inspection. “Inspection systems utilize sophisticated computing technologies to detect and reject foreign material contaminated products while providing detailed information for verification, recordkeeping, and traceability.”

Manufactured with the brutal wash-down environment in mind, Eagle's hygienically-designed RMI series achieves compliance with HACCP and food safety standards, making this system an excellent solution for raw meat industries.

The RMI machines are used to detect contaminants in unpackaged bulk, open crate and carton applications and include raw beef, pork, chicken and lamb. These systems are built to be disassembled quickly by one person for quick and complete sanitation, and are powered by SimulTask™ PRO and optional TraceServer software that adheres to HACCP principles and global safety regulations by providing easily accessible images and enhanced traceability. 

Recognizing that food safety standards are often updated and expanded to other parts of the world, Eagle has developed a new e-guide, Food Safety and Quality Regulations: A Guide to Global Standards, that explains and compares several industry-relevant food safety standards. To download a copy, visit

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