Shufersal, Israel’s largest retailer, recently opened a state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled logistics center in Shoham, Israel. The 550,000 square foot facility receives, stores, and redistributes produce, deli, dairy, meat, seafood, and frozen food to its nearly 500 stores nationwide, serving an average of two million shoppers per week and 1.8 million club members. The center features automatic storage and picking systems for produce and an automatic storage and sorting system for frozen foods.

Shufersal moves an internal pool of approximately one million Polymer Logistics RPCs through their automated warehouse and logistics system, as well as receives over 20 million yearly movements of product in RPCs from suppliers and producers (see video). The design, construction, and structural integrity of Polymer Logistics RPCs provides enhanced stacking stability and strength, allows smooth, seamless movement across roller or belt conveyer systems, is unaffected by moisture or temperature variations, and allows unsurpassed air circulation to protect product freshness and quality during transit, storage, and automated order picking and palletization. Built-in QR codes on every crate allow distribution center vision, inventory, and traceability systems to quickly and accurately scan, record, locate, and follow every Polymer Logistics RPC that enters and leaves the facility.

“We are very pleased with the performance of Polymer Logistics RPCs, not only in our Shoham logistics center, but also across our entire supply chain,” said Avi Einy, head of the central distribution center. “Their RPCs allow us to realize the full benefit of our automation systems, including increased distribution efficiency, optimized replenishment, and enhanced product quality and freshness at retail.”

“We are honored to work with industry leaders like Shufersal to help them realize their operational objectives,” said Gideon Feiner, CEO of Polymer Logistics. “Globally, the move towards automated production and supply chain logistics is accelerating. Polymer Logistics RPCs are a proven choice to facilitate automation, and we stand ready to collaborate and partner for successful transformations across the supply chain.”

For 25 years, Polymer Logistics has been an innovative leader in retail ready reusable plastic transport, storage and display products, along with technology-enabled pallet pooling services and asset management solutions. Working closely with manufacturers, suppliers, growers, packers, and retailers alike, Polymer Logistics develops innovative, sustainable, and efficient design and operational solutions that lead to unsurpassed product quality and freshness, enhanced shopper experience, and profitable growth for its business partners.

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