Admix Inc., global leader of advanced mixing technologies for the food/beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, is announcing the commercial release of its DynaShear model DS-215 lab scale inline sanitary mixer and emulsifier. The DS-215 is ideal for small scale inline processing, product development, simulation and scale-up. With the DynaShear model DS-215, Processors and Laboratories will be able to take advantage of predictable, repeatable results from the lab to full production. The inline lab mixer is affixed to a mobile cart and is also equipped with VFD controls for more accurate scalability.

The DynaShear model DS-215 will blend, dissolve, deagglomerate, disperse, and emulsify a wide range of fluids and semi-fluids and is particularly effective for wetting out powders into a liquid. Consistent with full scale production size models (the DS-425 and DS-575), the DS-215 is built to the highest quality standards. It features a first-in-class tandem head design, combining the benefits of both an axial and radial stage, creating excellent shear and flow characteristics.

Keith Cheries, Director of Sales and Marketing, comments “We are very excited to offer a small-scale inline mixing solution to the marketplace. Many of our customers have been asking for a simple, fast, and accurate system for their emulsifying and dispersing applications for R&D processes and we are pleased to be able to fulfill that need.”

Admix demonstrated the DynaShear model DS-215 during Process Expo and exhibited a full lineup of high-shear mixers and for batch mixing, continuous processing and particle size reduction. Visitors to the booth learned how Admix mixers and powder induction and dispersion systems dramatically improve productivity, lower operating costs, improve end-product quality, and ensure operator safety.

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