Bettcher Industries introduces new vertical broilers to its family of top-quality, American-manufactured foodservice kitchen equipment. Available for sale to customers in the United States, Bettcher Vertical Broilers join the company’s industry-leading Whizard Power Knife in providing today’s best equipment for preparing and serving popular gyros, shawarma and kabob menu offerings.

Not only do Bettcher Vertical Broilers make an eye-catching impact in display cooking, customers will also be impressed with the juicy and flavorful foods they deliver. The broilers can accommodate a wide range of meat capacities from 5 lbs. to 65 lbs., making them the perfect solution for any size restaurant.

Benefits that really add up 
Among the many benefits of Bettcher Vertical Broilers is their precise cooking performance, thanks to multiple infrared ceramic heating elements and adjustable temperature controls. Moreover, adjustable energy-saving heat shields concentrate heat for faster cooking, while directing heat away from the operator.

Simple machine disassembly and reassembly makes for easy cleanup and sanitation, while the machine’s low-maintenance design includes fewer spare parts.

Gas and Electric Models Available
Bettcher Vertical Broilers are offered in gas models that run on LP or natural gas.  If electric is preferred, buyers can choose electric models that run on either 208V or 240V power.

American-Made for Years of Ultra-Dependable Use
The construction of Bettcher Vertical Broilers leaves no room for any compromise in quality. The machines’ durable, rugged design includes a stainless steel front and sides. Other surfaces plus the rotisserie rod are made out of engineered aluminized steel for long-life performance. 

The low-maintenance design of the Bettcher Vertical Broilers requires fewer spare parts. Moreover, because the broilers are completely designed and manufactured in the United States, it’s another reason why customers can be confident of their quality.

Two-Year Warranty
Unlike other broiler brands on the market, Bettcher offers a full Two-Year Warranty on parts and labor. This generous warranty is proof of the extraordinary quality and long-life durability of Bettcher Vertical Broilers.

Available Immediately … plus a Special Savings Offer
Bettcher Vertical Broilers are available for immediate delivery from Bettcher Industries to customers in the United States. To celebrate the new introduction, for a limited time a special price discount is being offered to customers who purchase a Bettcher Vertical Broiler along with a new Whizard® Power Knife. This represents a unique opportunity for restaurateurs to invest in the latest-generation equipment for preparing and serving flavorful Mediterranean foods – and at a very lucrative price.

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