Bettcher Industries introduces the new Automatic Coating System that delivers “consistent breading perfection” when compared to traditional hand breading, along with more distinctive flavor profiles than frozen pre-breaded menu items are able to offer.

The new Bettcher ACS was unveiled at the National Restaurant Association’s 2018 NRA Show in Chicago, IL on May 19-22.

The Bettcher ACS makes it easier than ever for QSRs, fast casual establishments and other foodservice operations to prepare and serve their own signature fresh-breaded menu items that will attract repeat customer business. Not only does the machine deliver consistent high-quality products compared to hand-breading and frozen pre-breaded menu items, it also reduces ingredients and labor costs for foodservice establishments.

Among the many noteworthy benefits of the new Bettcher ACS are these:

Unique Breading Technology
The Bettcher Automatic Coating System continuously mixes ingredients while individually applying batter and breading to each food item.   Its ingenious design allows for efficient and consistent coating. The recirculating coating ingredients are continually mixed and sifted to achieve the correct flavor profile balance while eliminating clumping, and any excess coating is gently shaken off the food items and returned to the machine.

When compared to traditional batch-breading by hand, the Bettcher ACS delivers “consistent breading perfection” regardless of who is operating the machine. Capitalizing on freshness trends on foodservice menus, restaurateurs gain a clear advantage over their competitors by preparing ultra-fresh items while also differentiating themselves from those who offer less distinctive (and more costly) pre-breaded products. 

The Bettcher ACS makes it easy to create signature seasoned coatings. The machine accommodates a range of liquids from water to egg-washes, buttermilk, juices, slurries and other flavor blends in its 6-quart capacity compartment. As for dry coatings, a wide variety can be handled including corn flakes, bread crumbs, panko, flour, or specially formulated seasoned coating blends. The breading tank capacity is 6 to 18 lbs. depending on the coating density.

With such great versatility, foodservice establishments can now offer a limitless variety of distinctive and delicious menu items ranging from chicken and other meats to all kinds of fish and seafood, plus onion rings, seasoned fries and other veggies, including regional favorites.

Save on Food Costs
Because the design of the Bettcher ACS avoids the application of excess breading on food items, it helps reduce the cost of ingredients. In-kitchen field tests show reduced breading cost savings of up to 40% over traditional hand-breading procedures can be achieved. Oil life is also extended, because of the reduced incidence of excess breading “blowing off” in the fryer and scorching the oil. 

And compared to the cost of frozen pre-breaded items, the cost savings with the Bettcher ACS are dramatic.

Optimize Labor
The Bettcher ACS is a true labor-saver. In many instances, it enables one employee to do the work of several people – and to do a better job. It helps turn the messy, tedious job of fresh-breading foods into an enjoyable experience – and it does the job faster and better. Plus, it’s easy to train new employees quickly on the user-friendly procedures of operating the machine. 

Easy Sanitation
With food safety such an important part of any successful restaurant operation, the Bettcher ACS has been engineered with ease of cleaning in mind. An ingredient exit port allows for the quick evacuation of dry ingredients in just seconds. The modular design with integrated components makes for easy cleaning in a standard pot sink – along with fewer opportunities to lose small parts. Food-safe plastics and stainless steel materials not only aid in cleaning, their rugged durability helps lower the cost of ownership for the life of the equipment. 

Whether it’s end-of-shift or end-of-day, with the Bettcher ACS the entire cleanup process takes just minutes – and keeps the food prep area much cleaner, too.

Space-Saving Design
With a footprint of just 17 inches wide and 22 inches deep, the Bettcher ACS delivers high-capacity breading in a small footprint. The belt speed operates at 4 inches per second (20 ft. per minute or 1,200 ft. per hour), allowing for fresh-breading a large quantity of food items whenever needed.

Solid ROI
The benefits of optimized labor and reduced ingredients cost savings mean that the Bettcher ACS is one of the best equipment investments a restaurant kitchen can make. Its highly attractive return on investment means that the equipment pays for itself quickly – and then restaurateurs continue to reap the benefits of productivity and cost savings for years thereafter.

Made in America
Completely designed and manufactured in the United States, the Bettcher Automatic Coating System is available from Bettcher Industries and its foodservice distributors. Established in 1944, Bettcher is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative machinery, equipment and tools for foodservice and food processing applications. 

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