Jensen Meat, a Southern California-based ground-beef processor, announced today its newest environmental initiative, as the company installed solar-powered cells and an electric vehicle (EV) charging station at its plant to offset energy use. The panels are positioned in the company's carport and support Jensen Meat's goals to decrease waste, reduce its energy footprint, and continue providing top-quality products that customers feel good about buying.

Jensen Meat went through an exhaustive selection process to determine the most appropriate solution for alternative energy production on-site. The high-efficiency solar panels, manufactured by SunPower®, are estimated to produce 43 percent of Jensen's power for its facility, or 1,278,671 kilowatts (kWh). The commercial-grade cells will convert 70 percent more energy per square foot over 25 years and produce 38 percent more power per panel. The company's selected cells are also fine-tuned to adjust to conditions and weather variations.

"We continually strive to develop unique sustainability programs for our company," said Abel Olivera, CEO of Jensen Meat. "Our partnerships with local companies – as well as national leaders in the renewable energy space – helped us find a mutually beneficial solution that complements our environmental mission."

Companies across the United States produced a record of 6.43 gigawatts (GW) of renewable power in 2018, which is enough to power 1.5 million American homes. The number of companies developing renewable energy deals has also doubled, as has the number of Fortune 500 companies pledging to source all of their electricity from renewable resources.

SunPower's system will all but eliminate the impact on Jensen Meat's production during installation, a crucial consideration as Jensen's product lines, plant, and team continue to grow. Jensen currently operates out of one of the most modern plants west of the Mississippi and manufactures 250 SKUs of retail and foodservice products. Presently producing 50 percent of its retail products under the Jensen label, the company aims to grow its branded business in the coming years.

"Sustainability is essential in our industry, and it's good business practice," added Mr. Olivera. "We are proud to be leaders in our field, reducing costs while ensuring our customers get top-quality, beef products."

When Jensen moved into its new facility, it made headlines for its commitment to sustainability initiatives in the building, in its fleet, and through its partnerships. The company also ensures that its suppliers follow sustainability practices. Jensen partnered with a nonprofit, Montana Prairie Reserve, to support wildlife-friendly ranching and large-scale conservation.

Jensen Meat was the 2018 Independent Processor of the Year, as honored by Independent Processor magazine. Read more about the company here.

Source: Jensen Meat