Beetnik Foods, an Austin, Texas-based organic food brand specializing in organic, gluten-free, humanely raised, grass fed beef and chicken entrées, will now be available to Kroger shoppers in over 700 stores across the country. Early November, Kroger shoppers will be able to purchase either beef or chicken Beetnik frozen meatball pouches. Both products are certified USDA Organic and gluten free and are available in a 12 oz. resealable pouch – making them ideal for individuals and families on-the-go who still desire quality, organic food paired with convenience. Consumers can now find Beetnik meatball varieties at Kroger stores and specialty food stores across the country, sold at an SRP of $8.99.

“We’re eager to expand our reach and show Kroger shoppers how easy it can be to eat an organic family meal,” shares Founder and CEO of Beetnik Foods, David Perkins. “We enjoy creating meals in a convenient, resealable, family sized package because we understand how hard it can be for families to find quality products that are both convenient and organic.”

Beetnik’s Organic Grass Fed Beef Meatballs are just 200 calories per 3 oz. serving and the Organic Chicken Meatballs are 90 calories per 3 oz. serving. Both varieties are touted as low in sodium (less than 9 percent of U.S. daily allowance, or 220 mg). Tuning into consumers’ need for protein, each serving of Grass Fed Beef Meatballs has 10g of protein, while each serving of Organic Chicken Meatballs has 14g of protein.

Beetnik Foods strives to solve Kroger shoppers’ need and daily challenge to fuel themselves and their families with nutritionally sound foods. While keeping their busier-than-ever lifestyles top of mind, Beetnik created a resealable pack that offers shoppers a variety of ways to enjoy this delicious, multi-serve product. Adapting with and for shoppers, the meatballs can either be made for a crowd or heated serving by serving. As well, Beetnik’s meals never contain MSG, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavorings, hormones, or antibiotics. Beetnik goes the extra step to ensure that all of its meals are certified USDA Organic and gluten free. This level of convenience and transparency speaks to the classic Beetnik consumer who prioritizes ease and as well as health.

Source: Beetnik Foods